Steve’s Daily Driver
This is my daily driver… a 2002
Mercedes-Benz E430. I bought it
new, it’s been a great car, I love it. It
is wonderful to drive, trouble-free,
an extremely high quality and
satisfying car.
It was actually a tough choice for me – I typically eschew cars that have reputations for being cars people buy “for
appearances”… I actually thought about buying a Saturn and then a bunch of old cars to play with. J But at the time
I had a relatively long commute and after several years with a POS commute car with an expensive stereo I
decided to go the other way and get a car that if I was going to spend serious time in, it would be comfortable and
I’m the kind of person that if I buy a new car I keep it quite a while, I’ve definitely got my value out of this car and
have become a Mercedes fan for life.